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+++ About Filip Stoklas, aka FipS +++

Hello and welcome! My name is Filip Stoklas, aka FipS - the founder and maintainer of www.4FipS.com. I am a software engineer, interactive computer technology enthusiast, photographer, videographer and occasional hardware hacker, living and working in Prague, The Czech Republic. This website reflects my long-standing interests that lie in the intersection between computer technology and human being. I am mostly interested in computer graphics, virtual reality and human-computer interaction. I enjoy doing some research in this area, designing experimental systems and publishing the results.

Professionally, I work as a Senior R&D Programmer at Disney Mobile currently working on an in-house game engine and content pipeline for mobile games (mostly iOS & Android), the technology has been used in a number of titles so far (THOR: Son of Asgard, Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas, Nemo's Reef, Lone Ranger, and more). I also worked on a couple of PC and console video games (Team Factor, Light Force 2 Game Engine, Rapid Gunner, Loco Mania, Top Spin 4), did a few J2ME games (Space Rebels, Crazy Worms) and also spent a few years working for a company dealing with biometrics as a low-level software engineer (biometric APIs, hardware virtualization and drivers). Before I got into video games I used to work as a freelance software developer (DynastViewer, Pulse, Setra, Setra R2, BarCodeMagic, Feutron, BarCodeMagic R2, Becherovka Game 2001, Retro Classix, Amiga Classix 5, pfQuizzz).


I am very picky in terms of technology I use,
here is some I find especially pleasant to work with:

C, C++98/03, C++0x/11, STL, Boost, Python, OpenGL, ES 1.1, ES 2.0, GLSL, Lua, JSON, a bit of XML

I also use these occasionally, mostly for web hacking:
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, WebGL

+ a ton of stuff that I use on a daily basis,
but do not enjoy that much...


You can reach me at:


Filip Stoklas, aka FipS

+++ Programming +++

+++ Hardware Hacking +++


(Last updated: Mar, 2014)